Pool & Lawn Services
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Pool Installation

Place the responsibility of pool installation & design in the hands of professionals who know how to design, grade, excavate, engineer and fill a pool properly. We consult with you every step along the way to ensure that your pool is constructed and installed to your specifications and requirements.

Pool Service and Repairs

A+ Lawns & Pools offers regular checks of all mechanical & electrical systems, water testing and regular cleaning. We repair liners, water pumps & filters, pool lighting, wiring, leaks and other problems.

Pool Maintenance


We maintain a manicured look of your lawn and property. This year round attractive and well-kept appearance results in curb appeal and increased property value.

Lawn Care

Yard Cleanup

Removal of leaves & debris from the yard, flower beds, patio, and driveway keeps your property looking great throughout the year. Leaves left on your grass can kill the lawn. Fall cleanup is the best way to ensure that your lawn remains healthy throughout the winter.


What Our Customers are Saying…

Found Vinnie through homeadvisors, and booked an appointment. Homeadvisors even called me to confirm the appointment. Vinnie did not show up at the appointed time, so, a few hours later, I called him to find out what was up. Turns out, Homeadvisor did not tell him he had an appointment, but here’s the good part: He emailed me that night to connect, and asked me to call him in the morning, which I did. He came to my house within minutes and solved my problem with the chlorine generator controller, then voluntarily hauled 160 pounds of salt from my car to the pool and dumped one bag. Left me with instructions about dumping the remaining bags when the system “acclimatized.” This is service. A+

Home Advisor
Richard B.
Home Advisor
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